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Weight : 230.4
So a loss of 8.1 pounds!!  Obviously some of that is water weight of course.
Patty = 140 calories
Bun = 120 - 140 cal
Tomato slice and lettuce = 5 at most
condiment - usually mustard or hot sauce = 5 to 10

At most: 300 calories per sandwich
Mixed Fruit 1 cup = 70 cal; use about 1.5 = 105 calories
Honey 1tbsp = 64 cal
Grape Nuts cereal 1/4 cup = 104 calories
Silk soy milk 1 cup = 100 use two = 200 cal OR
Juice 1 cup = 120 calories; or minus 20 cal

Total = 473 to 493. Just round up to 500 calories total

If you add Flaxseed; 1tbsp = 64 calories.
Kind of foggy this morning. Not sure but it might be a bit of depression from the alcohol withdrawal. Slept well but I did take a benedryl. Ill try to not do that again tonight. I just worry about staring at the ceiling all night.

Nothing for breakfast as I fell I overdid it on the food yesterday. As of 10:40 (as I write this) I am still not hungry; been drinking tea though.
Weekly weigh in is tomorrow.

Oh, over the weekend I bought new running shoes and wore them while working out yesterday. Still breaking them in - hurt my feet a bit; particularly at the beginning. I can tell they are forcing my feet in a different direction and were exercising the muscles differently. I pronate my feat and the outsides of my shoes always wear much faster than the insides.

My plan is to have a salad for lunch - lots of greens and veggies.
Did it!

Can of tomato Bisque for late lunch

Vegetable soup for pre workout snack

Can of sardines & small serving of beans and rice for dinner.
Also had a few pieces of grapefruit before each evening meal.

Slept without any aids. Took awhile to fall asleep but once I did I was fine.
This covers the weekend from 6-5 to 6-6. Saturday was a great day.
Fruit smoothy for breakfast.
Cant recall lunch exactly, but I know it was light
Mushroom burger for dinner.
Veggies as a snack

Sunday was a bit of a let down. It was day 6 without alcohol and I hadnt been sleeping very well. I tried Friday and Saturday nights to not take any allergy medication to help me fall asleep, hoping I was past the worst of it, but my sleep was fitfull.
I ate good things, but ate more than I probably should have
Fruit smoothy for breakfast
Vegan sausage on bun for lunch
two morningstar chicken patty sandwiches on whole wheat buns with lettuce/tomato/buffalo sauce
Amy's vegetarian lasagne.
I think thats all. Overall I think i was under my calorie limit for the day...but doubt I lost any weight.
I really really felt like drinking at night but managed to stop myself and had 3 glasses of orange/pine/banana juice instead.
Saturday I was down to 228.6, Sunday morning I was up again to 231.

Just did the math on yesterdays binge:
Chik sandwich 300 cal x 2 = 600
Sausage/bun = 240
Lasagne = 300
Smoothy = 560
Baby Carrots = maybe 50 tops??
Total = 1750 calories total for my "binge" not including the juice.
Juice = probably had about 36 ounces total. I think this comes out to be about 600 calories
2350 total - so, while not great, not bad either. The juice kept me from drinking alcohol at least.
Fruit Smoothy
Cant recall dinner that night - maybe a Lean Cuisine??
Fruit Smoothy
Noodle bowl 480c
Mixed fruit
Red beans and rice
Brussel sprouts in butter
Naked Juice for breakfast
Light Salad - small cup of italian dressing
Amy's tomato bisque soup - awesome
Lean cuisine - sante fe beans and rice
no alcohol
Weight 238.5

Noodle bowl - about 400 cal