Alas, tonight is our final night of vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This has truly been a great respite from the daily grind of the working world.
We've watched the dolphins in the morning, watched the sunrise over the Atlantic, seen surfers of all kinds glide by, discovered wild horses frolicking on the beach, napped to the sound of the ocean, eaten phenomenal seafood and taken hundreds of great pictures.
Staying here in Avon at this time of year was a great idea. We are centrally located to everything in the OBX, its cool enough to enjoy the outdoors and the crowds havent yet shown up for the summer. Its too cold to go into the ocean, but we arent that interested in swimming anyway.
It will be difficult to give up our ocean-side paradise, but we'll take away some great memories.

Went this morning to the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. It was sort of interesting. They are really just getting off the ground. Not a lot to see yet.

More importantly, I have just uploaded the first batch of pictures from this trip. Click HERE to see them.

I think we are going to a movie later on this afternoon. Right now Im downing margaritas and listening to the ocean!
Took the ferry over to Ocracoke yesterday. Had lunch at a great little cafe called Dajio. Had a great red drum fish sandwich. Saw the lighthouse on the island. Looked as if it were in someone's back yard! Saw the descendants of the ponies that used to run free on the island. Stopped and spent some time on the beaches. Beautiful! Purportedly these are some of the best beaches in the United States. I can believe it.
Had dinner at the Dolphin Den. Ate way too much. Everything there was fantastic.

Photo update: wow, Im now looking at hundreds and hundreds of pictures to process. The whole task seems rather daunting! Hard for me to imagine actually ever being "done" with all of them.
When I mean "processing" Im referring to the entire task of going through each batch of pictures. Some of them are not worth posting at all - either out of focus, poor exposure, duplicate of something better etc. I've also begun the process of exposure bracketing some of the shots I think worthy of special treatment. So, I cant just point my uploader at a folder and click "go".  Of course other photos require some special treatment, rather it be cropping, contrast adjustment etc, Those take even more time.
Hopefully within the next several weeks Ill be able to upload a he
Woke up at 610am to catch pictures of the sunrise. Guess what  I didnt take into account? There are actually beautiful scenes well BEFORE the sun rises. No one has ever called me a genius, that's for sure.
Anyway, still managed some great pics. I had the white balance set for "shady" but I think it took out a lot of the blueness of the sky. Next time I might go for Auto and see what happens.
Just to give you an idea, I took 101 pics this morning. Gah! It'll be July before I have all of them processed! :) Of course not all of these are keepers, so I have to go through and weed out the bad from the good and find the really good and unpolished gems....

Sleepy now...

Didnt make it up for the sunrise, but I did get to the beach early. No lucky finds. Watched about 8 windsurfers roll by. They've been going by off and on all day.
It was very cold last night! Actually had a bit of trouble sleeping with the wind howling. Today is quite nice. Its 11:24 and 56 degrees.

Tonight I tried my hand at taking pictures of the stars. Ran into two problems.
1. Still to much light noise coming from the houses around here. It bounces off the haze in the distance and makes a reddish glow.
2. My UV filter is covered with small dust that show up when keeping the shutter open for 30 seconds. T

Had a delicious trout sandwich and calamari at the Sandbar and Grill. Later we drove back up and saw the Hatteras light house.

Drove down to Avon, North Carolina today without incident. Checked into our beautiful 5 bedroom house on the ocean!
Had lunch at Froggy Dog's. Had a delicious sea trout with fries, plus some of my wife's Hattaras Clam Chowder. Yum!
Ocean is really hazy today. Took some pics, just to warm up.
Hoping to see some stars tonight and/or wake up early for sunrise!

Spent the day yesterday getting to Norfolk, VA. The flight into Newark was fine, save for the security line turning my clean white sock dark grey/brown in less than 30 seconds. However, getting out of Newark proved to be a problem. Our first plane was "struck by a rock" and was undergoing maintenance, so we were switched to a second plane just coming in. That plane had its own problems as the seal on the door was leaky. It took about an extra 2.5 hours to solve the problem and get us into the air.
I think it would have taken just as long to drive!!
We also had to contend with the people from the back of the plane who wanted to run up to the front as soon as we landed. Two snuck by me. Not sure why they were in such a rush. The one had to wait for her gate checked back and the other had to retrieve his bag from baggage claim. Why be rude at all, but particularly when it doesnt get you anything?? Makes no sense.
Anyway, its now Saturday morning and we are going to hit the road south to the OBX.
The pic above is from my camera phone at the Newark airport. While we sat we had a couple of cold sandwiches, listen as a woman got snippy because they didnt have the stuff to make cosmos, the bartenders get irritated with a scottish guy who didnt tip and spoke to a rather hyper young man who was from Hawaii, Maine or somewhere in between.