Visited the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor in December 2012. Posted the photos today. Included are some shots from the Chelsea Chowderhouse Restaurant
Ive had a couple of stops and starts in the past, but I am working on a 365 day photo project. So far 23 consecutive days! Ive added a new tab to take you directly there.
Ive been working on uploading the photos from my Cleveland Photowalk back in August. Hopefully they should all be up in another week or two.

Check them out HERE.
I found a bunch of old stamps from the 70's. So of course, I started taking pictures of them! A large group of them had a space exploration theme. Very Cool. Take a look at them here.

Began posting photos of our Caribbean cruise over Christmas of 2011. Enjoy!
Went out to the Blue Hen Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park this morning and took a series of photos. Although I rolled out of bed before sunrise and jumped in the car without taking a shower, I arrived to find the place crawling with photographers! I guess we all had the same idea. I laughed because it looked like a movie was being shot there.  The really good light never developed and they all left eventually, which left me free to roam, ponder and experiment.

Clevelanders know, there is real beauty to be found in and around our city!

Find these and some other photos HERE.

Ive finally started uploading my pictures from Hawaii. Check them out HERE.

Added some pictures I took while camping in Michigan over the weekend. I didnt really take enough to warrant creating a new folder for them, so I put them in the Miscellaneous section.

It felt great just to get away, do some fishing and not do any thinking!

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Hi all.....

Continuing to add more pictures to the Premier Section; including this picture of the moon taken just the other night.
Added a new section to the site a few days ago. Im calling it the "Premier Gallery" until I can think of something better to call it. ;)

Here Im loading up all of the "best of the best" photos to view in one easy spot. It'll be awhile before I get everything there I want, so check back often.